Propitiations/Remedial Measures

Normally, it is when we have the wrath of Grahas, we consult a Jyotisha. When nothing else works out, we blindly follow the Jyotisha and the Priest and do any unreasonable thing they suggest.

Mostly the advices rendered will be like, “you are having such a bad period because of this and that, and there is a small chance that you may get ok if you do these propitiations.”

The desperate client will do anything and everything possible as he has no other go. 70 % cases, the propitiations fail and yet there won’t be many complaints, as it was previously told that it may not work due to the severity of the bad period. Or, because by this time a new problem would have cropped up!

The propitiations mentioned below are inexpensive, self do-able, surely helpful in general body and mind health. And if it works for you to rectify the bad periods, it means Astrology works. Find out for yourself:

Propitiations for an afflicted Surya

When Surya is afflicted, you need to do at least 20 minutes of sunbath daily. Wheat intake has to be increased. Red chilly to be avoided. (Green chilly can be taken.) Copper utensils to be preferred for cooking. Drinking water kept at least for 2 hours in Copper vessels will be very beneficial for all diseases that Surya causes. Surya namaskaram surely helps. Words to be honoured, or false promises not to be given. Practice real dignity but check the haughtiness factor.

Siva bhava is to be worshipped. Best mantra is Om Nama: Sivaya: 1009 times.

Graha mantra: Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Sa: Suryaya Nama:

Prayer: Japakusuma sankasam kashyapeyam mahadyutim taorim sarva papaghnam pranathosmi divakarom.

Propitiations for an afflicted Chandra

When Chandra is afflicted, regular sea bath helps. Fat in milk and allied products to be maximum avoided. Soya most preferred. Eating 5-6 times in a day to be avoided. 2 heavy meals are more than enough for afflicted Chandra. Liquids help more.

Use more silver at home. Watering and taking care of plant-life is an effective remedy for Chandra doshas.

Chandra aradhana on fullmoons and newmoons are very powerful. Gouri to be worshipped.

Best mantra is Om Gouriae nama: 502 times. Graha mantra: Om Shraam Shreem Shroum sa: Chandraya Nama:

Prayer: Dathi shanka thusharaabham ksheerodarnava sambhavam namami sasinom somam shambhormakuta bhooshanam. Graha mantra: Om Shraam Shreem Shroum sa: Chandraya Nama:

Prayer: Dathi shanka thusharaabham ksheerodarnava sambhavam namami sasinom somam shambhormakuta bhooshanam.

Propitiations for an afflicted Kuja

Exercise and martial arts help these people more than anyone else. The dreaded Chovva(mangal) dosham can be propitiated to a large extent, by removing the congestion of negative aggressive energy through channelized exercising.

Reducing Sodium salt and substituting with Potassium salt helps. (to be done after Doctor’s consent.) Butter milk and Red Gram to be an integral part of the diet.

Taking care of the earth is the greatest propitiation for an afflicted Kuja. This could be at your Kitchen garden or a service to the nearby forest land.

Bhava for worship- Kumara. Hara haro hara is one of the best chants for Kuja. 1008 times.

Graha mantra: om kraam kreem kroum sa: bhoumaya nama:

Prayer: Dharaneegarbha sambhootham vidyut kanti samaprabham kumarom sakthi hastom tom mangalam pranamamyaham.

Propitiations for an afflicted Budha

Budha loves it when people focus on what they do. Intermittent silence and audible mantra japam work wonders for Budha’s betterment. Teaching younger ones without an authoritative air is well liked by Budha. Green gram not just betters the logical memory, it gives better skin too.

Vishnu incarnations like Krishna and Rama are Budha’s bhava. An effective mantra being: Om ShreeKrishnaya Parabrahmanae nama: 1004 times.

Graha mantra: Om Braam Breem Broum Sa: budhaya nama:

Prayer: Priyangu kalikashyamam rupenaam pratimam budham soumyam soumya gunopetham tham budham pranamamyaham.

Propitiations for an afflicted Guru

Here is one who appreciates orthodoxy. Respectful attitude towards fatherly people and Gurus will be well received by Guru. So is the effect of chanting Bhajans. Bengal Gram will do wonders for wisdom. Taking fasting vritas like ekadasi vrita will go a very long way in Guru preethi.

Om Gurave Nama: 1002 times is the mantra and the bhava is Parabrahma Vishnu. Graha mantra: Om Graam Greem Groum Sa: Gurave Nama:

Prayer: Devanam cha rusheenam cha gurum kanchana sannibham budhibhootham trilokesham tam namami brihaspathim.

Propitiations for an afflicted Sukra

Treating all other women like mother and keeping away from addictive substances(including food for which some have obsession) will be good for Sukra afflicted people. Simple dressing, lesser show off and learning music, drums and art forms will help more. Vanpayar(lobia) and honey + tender coconut water are effective for virility.

Laksmi is a highly potent bhava of Sukra. Usable Mantra: Om Sree devyea nama: 1005 times.

Graha mantra: Om Draam Dreem Droum Sa: Sukraya Nama:

Prayer: Hima kunda mrunalaabham daityanaam paramam gurum sarva sastra pravaktharam bhargavam pranamamyaham.

Propitiations for an afflicted Sani

Yoga is the best for the Yogiswara, Sani. All forms of disciplined physical work would be appreciated. Cleanliness(personal as well as surroundings) matters.

Engaging in social welfare activities without self promotion goes a long way in propitiating the afflicted sani.

Sesame oil application under the feet and all over the body will have special effects in taking care of alasyam.(laziness)

Om Yogiswaraya nama: 1007 times is a miraculous mantra. Bhava is Hari Hara Suta.(Ayyappa)

Graha mantra: Om Praam Preem Proum Sa: Sanischaraya Nama:

Prayer: Neelanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam cchaayaamarthanda sambhootham tham namami sanaischaram.

Propitiations for an afflicted Rahu

The ultimate deceiver will do better without garlic and with lots of turmeric plus black pepper in food. Kadali pazham (Musa sapientum, a variety of banana) and Milk + ginger + Jaggery is another good combination which could be taken after prayers to Rahu. Other propitiations include not criticising others without real reasons, adhering to truth and nature worship.

Mantra 107 times, is Om Prakrityae nama: and bhava is Mother Earth.

Graha mantra: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroum Sa: Rahuvae Nama:

Prayer: Ardhakaayam mahaveeryam chandraaditya vimardhanam simhika garbha sambhootham tham rahum pranamamyaham

Propitiations for an afflicted Ketu

The fiery Ketu, the agent of Kuja, will cool a bit, if you meditate regularly. It helps if you avoid hot and spicy food but it loves coconut in moderate quantity.

Ketu will feel happy if you are involved in restoration of relations as well as dilapidated social structures.

Bhava for worship: Ganesha. Usable mantra: Om Vighnaharaya nama: 108 times.

Graha mantra: Om Thraam Threem Throum Sa: Ketuvae Nama:

Prayer: Palasapushpa sankasam tharakagrahamastakam roudram roudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamyaham.

Propitiations for Gulikan

Upachayas(3rd house, 6th house and 11th house) are okay for Gulikan, but he is not good even in the best of Upachaya, 11th!

Gulikan can be propitiated by reverential remembrance of forefathers. Before food and while bathing a prayer for them will do wonders.

A lamp lit with reverence, every evening at the south west corner will be good. Special day for prayers being dark moon nights.

Bhava: forefathers. Mantra: Om Pitruvae nama: 11 times

Through Jyotisha we can alter the way we look at life, and we can face situations differently.

And, when we become nothing but a natural medium for the universal energy to flow through us, great things are bound to happen, by itself. The purpose of astrology is to help us understand this, and to help us tune ourselves as such a channel. Mantras, Meditation, diet therapy, exercising, and all such tools work better with this awareness.

As I have seen many times in my career, persons with serious physical and mental issues also have made remarkable transformation and led better lives/ or they died more peacefully, once they got the right perspective through Jyotisha.

So lets not doubt the power of propitiations.